Monégasque (Munegascu)

Monégasque is a dialect of Ligurian spoken in Monaco by about 5,100 people. Monégasque is part of a dialect continuum of Western Romance languages and has much in common with the Ligurian spoken in Genoa in Italy. It has also been influenced by Niçard Occitan.

Monégasque is a minority language in Monaco, spoken by about 17% of the population, who are mostly elderly, and known as munegascu. It is taught in schools and used on street signs in the old part of Monaco. There are also Monégasque dictionaries, a grammar, and some books of Monégasque poems and a few other publications.

Monégasque pronunciation

Monégasque pronunciation

Sample text in Monégasque

Despoei tugiù sciü d'u nostru paise
Se ride au ventu, u meme pavayùn

Despoei tugiù a curù russa e gianca
E stà l'emblema, d'a nostra libertà

Grandi e i piciui, l'an sempre respetà

Part of the Monégasque national anthem, written by Louis Notari


Sample video in Monégasque

Information about Monégasque | Phrases | Numbers


Information about Monégasquégasque_dialect

Monégasque lessons

Monégasque dictionary and phrases

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