Omniglot News (13/03/22)

Here are details of the latest developments on Omniglot websites and blogs.

This week we have new languages pages in Bantu and Bantoid languages, which are:

  • Tiv (dzwa Tiv), a Southern Bantoid language spoken mainly in Benue State in the southeast of Nigeria.
  • Nyamwezi (Kinyamwezi), a Bantu language spoken in western Tanzania
  • Luvale (Chiluvale), a Bantu language spoken in southern Angola and northern Zambia
  • Mbunda (Chimbúùnda), a Bantu language spoken in south west Angola and north west Zambia

There are a new phrases in Chokwe, a Bantu language spoken in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, and Tiv.

There are a new numbers pages in: Chokwe, Tiv, Luvale, Mbunda, and Shona, a Bantu language spoken mainly in Zimbabwe.

There are new Omniglot blog posts about Charlatan Snake Oil, and the Japanese word Perapera, and the usual Language Quiz – see if you can guess what language this is:

The mystery language in last week’s language quiz was Arrente (Arrernte angkentye), a Pama-Nyungan language spoken in and around Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia.

There’s a Celtiadur post about words for roofs and related things in Celtic languages, in which we discover that English words such as protect, stegosaurus, thatch, tile and toga come from the same root as Welsh words for roof and house, among other things.

In the Adventure in Etymology this week we untangle the origins of the word knot, and find connections to such words as knit, node, nodule and noose, and the name Canute.

I also made improvements to the Greenlandic and Shona language pages.

For more Omniglot News see:

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