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  1. Native American, I’d say, probably North American. But I am known for having been wrong in the past, so I will leave this one to David, Daniel, Hank and my other, more learned colleagues!

  2. Definitely North American indigenous language. Tone and timbre of the voice makes me think so. My first thought is Navajo or Hopi but I think that’s too easy. Something akin to it in any case.

  3. I agree with the above and specifically I heard the word “dene” (I think!) so we can guess it’s a Na-Dene language but the rest is beyond my scope.

  4. Might have found it but will wait until later to reveal. Is it ზილკოტინ (helps to have a QWERTY keyboard for another language!)

  5. This morning I saw on the news that alphabet on a banner next to a Georgian flag. I tried to see if it was Georgian, looked it up on the internet and then transliterated it. I got this: Zilkot’in… it seems that we two are right …well done Hank!!

  6. Well, we BOTH guessed it Chilcotin but I am still not sure if that’s the answer! Lol

  7. Emanuel,
    Good question. I have a printed out page on my wall of the Georgia alphabet with the letters and their names under each and I can access a QWERTY keyboard on my lap top.I looked at the letters and names and the name that had a “ch” sound was chini ჩ but now having had a better look, the letter zeni ზ is what I typed as it looks a lot like chini (and I have a cataract coming up in my right eye) so that might explain the error. I am glad you asked. I woneered that myself!

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