Omniglot News (30/01/2022)

Here are details of the latest developments on Omniglot websites and blogs.

There are four new language pages on Omniglot this week, which are:

  • Agutaynen, a Philippine language spoken in the Province of Palawan in the Mimaropa region in the east of the Philippines.
  • Jarud (ᠵᠠᠷᠤᠳ), a variety of Mongolian spoken in Jarud Banner in the east of Inner Mongolia in northern China.
  • Komering (Cawa Komering), a Lampungic language spoken in the Indonesian provinces of Lampung and South Sumatra in the south of Sumatra island.
  • Kaitag (хайдакьан гъай), a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in Dagestan in the south of the Russian Federation.

There’s a new constructed script: Jyutcitzi (粵切字), which is a way to write Cantonese using combinations of Chinese characters to represent sounds phonetically which was devised by the Cantonese Script Reform Society. It looks something like this:

Sample text in Jyutcitzi

There are a new numbers pages in: Chipewyan (Dënesųłıné), Sekani (Tse’khene) and Agutaynen, and there’s a new page about Cistercian Numbers, an interesting numeric system that was developed by Cisterican monks in the early 13th century.

On the Omniglot blog this week there’s a post about words from Britain in various languages called Britland, and the usual Language Quiz.

The mystery language in last week’s language quiz was Kaitag (хайдакьан гъай), a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in Dagestan in the Russian Federation.

This week’s Celtiadur post is about words for wings and related things in Celtic languages.

I also made improvements to the Celtiadur post about verbs for To See & To Be.

In the Adventure in Etymology we find connections between the word champion and words such as camp, campus, campaign and champagne.

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