Omniglot News (05/12/21)

The new languages this week on Omniglot are all Mayan languages:

  • Itza’, a Yucatecan Mayan language spoken by the Itza people mainly in the village of San José on the north shore of Lake Petén Itzaʼ in Petén department in northern Guatemala.
  • Chontal Maya (Yoko t’an), a Cholan-Tzeltalan Mayan language spoken in central parts of the state of Tabasco in southern Mexico.
  • Chuj (Koti’), a Qʼanjobalan–Chujean Mayan language spoken mainly in western Guatemala, and also in southern Mexico.
  • Mocho’ (Qatoʼk), a Qʼanjobalan–Mocho’ean Mayan language spoken in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico.

I finally got round to recording a new episode of the monthly Radio Omniglot Podcast. This is Episode 49 and discusses Linguistic Correctness, the idea that there are correct ways to speak and write languages that conform to grammatical standards and conventions.

In this week’s Adventure in Etymology we find out how budgets. bags, bellies and bulges are connected.

There’s a new Omniglot blog post about the wonderful Scots word Humdudgeon, and the usual Language Quiz.

The mystery language in last week’s language quiz was Poqomam, a Mayan language spoken in parts of central Guatemala.

The Celtiadur post this week is about words for Parts and Portions in Celtic languages.

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