Omniglot News (25/07/21)

This week’s new languages are: Banjarese, Bukid, Surigaonon and Bilaspuri.

  • Banjarese (Bahasa Banjar) – a Malayic language spoken mainly in Kalimantan in Indonesia.
  • Bukid (Binukid) – a North Manobo language family spoken mainly in the Province of Bukidnon in the Northern Mindanao region of the Philippines
  • Surigaonon – a Southern Bisayan language family spoken in the Caraga region in the north of Mindanao island in the Philippines.
  • Bilaspuri (बिलासपूरी) – a Western Pahari language spoken in the states of Himalchal Pradesh and Punjab in northern India.

There are a number of new numbers pages in West Flemish, Old English and Banjarese.

This week’s Omniglot blog posts were about chaises longues, the most popular languages to learn and the usual language quiz.

The mystery language in last week’s language quiz was Sandawe (Sàndàwé kì’ìng), a language isolate spoken in the Dodoma Region of central Tanzania..

This week there were two Celtiadur posts – one about land, and another about grass and related words.

This week’s Adventure in Etymology looks at the origins of the word mask.

I also made improvements to the Chakma language page.

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