Ojibwe numbers

How to count in Ojibwe (Anishinaabemowin / ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᒧᐎᓐ), an Algonquian language spoken in the parts of Canadian and the USA.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 bezhig (ᐯᔑᒃ) netamising (ᓀᐦᑕᒥᐦᓯᓐᒃ)
nitam (ᓂᐦᑕᒻ)
2 niizh (ᓃᔥ) eko-niizhing
3 niswi (ᓂᐦᓸ) eko-nising
4 niiwin (ᓃᐎᓐ) eko-niiwing
5 naanan (ᓈᓇᓐ) eko-naananing
6 [n]ingodwaaswi
7 niizhwaaswi (ᓃᔣᐦᓸ)  
8 [n]ishwaaswi
9 zhaangaswi
10 midaaswi (ᒥᑖᐦᓸ)  
11 [midaaswi] ashi bezhig
([ᒥᑖᐦᓸ] ᐊᐦᔑ ᐯᔑᒃ)
(ᐁᐦᑯ ᐊᐦᔑ ᐯᔑᒃ)
12 [midaaswi] ashi niizh
([ᒥᑖᐦᓸ] ᐊᐦᔑ ᓃᔥ)
(ᐁᐦᑯ ᐊᐦᔑ ᓃᔑᓐᒃ)
13 [midaaswi] ashi niswi
([ᒥᑖᐦᓸ] ᐊᐦᔑ ᓂᐦᓸ)
14 [midaaswi] ashi niiwin
([ᒥᑖᐦᓸ] ᐊᐦᔑ ᓃᐎᓐ)
15 [midaaswi] ashi naanan
([ᒥᑖᐦᓸ] ᐊᐦᔑ ᓈᓇᓐ)
16 [midaaswi] ashi [n]ingodwaaswi
([ᒥᑖᐦᓸ] ᐊᐦᔑ ᓂᓐᑯᑣᐦᓸ/ᐃᓐᑯᑣᐦᓸ)
17 [midaaswi] ashi niizhwaaswi
([ᒥᑖᐦᓸ] ᐊᐦᔑ ᓃᔣᐦᓸ)
18 [midaaswi] ashi [n]ishwaaswi
([ᒥᑖᐦᓸ] ᐊᐦᔑ ᓂᐦᔣᐦᓸ/ᐃᐦᔣᐦᓸ)
19 [midaaswi] ashi zhaangaswi
([ᒥᑖᐦᓸ] ᐊᐦᔑ ᔖᓐᑲᐦᓸ)
20 niishtana/niizhidana
(ᐁᐦᑯ ᓃᔥᑕᓀᐗᒃ)
21 niishtana ashi bezhig
(ᓃᔥᑕᓇ ᐊᐦᔑ ᐯᔑᒃ)
22 niishtana ashi niizh
(ᓃᔥᑕᓇ ᐊᐦᔑ ᓃᔥ)
eko-niishtana ashi niizhing
(ᐁᐦᑯ ᓃᔥᑕᓇ ᐊᐦᔑ ᓃᔑᓐᒃ)
23 niishtana ashi niswi
(ᓃᔥᑕᓇ ᐊᐦᔑ ᓂᐦᓸ)
24 niishtana ashi niiwin
(ᓃᔥᑕᓇ ᐊᐦᔑ ᓃᐎᓐ)
25 niishtana ashi naanan
(ᓃᔥᑕᓇ ᐊᐦᔑ ᓈᓇᓐ)
26 niishtana ashi [n]ingodwaaswi
(ᓃᔥᑕᓇ ᐊᐦᔑ ᓂᓐᑯᑣᐦᓸ/ᐃᓐᑯᑣᐦᓸ)
27 niishtana ashi niizhwaaswi
(ᓃᔥᑕᓇ ᐊᐦᔑ ᓃᔣᐦᓸ)
28 niishtana ashi [n]ishwaaswi
(ᓃᔥᑕᓇ ᐊᐦᔑ ᓂᐦᔣᐦᓸ/ᐃᐦᔣᐦᓸ)
29 niishtana ashi zhaangaswi
(ᓃᔥᑕᓇ ᐊᐦᔑ ᔖᓐᑲᐦᓸ)
30 nisimidana (ᓂᐦᓯᒥᑕᓇ)
nisomidana (ᓂᐦᓱᒥᑕᓇ)
eko-nisimidanewag (ᐁᐦᑯ ᓂᐦᓯᒥᑕᓀᐗᒃ)
eko-nisomidanewag (ᐁᐦᑯ ᓂᐦᓱᒥᑕᓀᐗᒃ)
40 niimidana (ᓃᒥᑕᓇ) eko-niimidanewag (ᐁᐦᑯ ᓃᒥᑕᓀᐗᒃ)
50 naanimidana (ᓈᓂᒥᑕᓇ) eko-naanimidanewag (ᐁᐦᑯ ᓈᓂᒥᑕᓀᐗᒃ)
60 [n]ingodwaasimidana
70 niizhwaasimidana (ᓃᔣᐦᓯᒥᑕᓇ)
niizhwaasomidana (ᓃᔣᐦᓱᒥᑕᓇ)
80 [n]ishwaasimidana
90 zhaangasimidana (ᔖᓐᑲᐦᓯᒥᑕᓇ)
zhaangasomidana (ᔖᓐᑲᐦᓱᒥᑕᓇ)
100 [n]ingodwaak
101 [n]ingodwaak ashi bezhig
(ᓂᓐᑯᑣᐦᒃ/ᐃᓐᑯᑣᐦᒃ ᐊᐦᔑ ᐯᔑᒃ)
200 niizhwaak (ᓃᔣᐦᒃ)  
300 niswaak (ᓂᐦᔀᐦᒃ)  
400 niiwaak (ᓃᐗᐦᒃ)  
500 naanwaak (ᓈᓋᐦᒃ)  
600 [n]ingodwaassaak
700 niishwaaswaak (ᓃᔣᐦᔂᐦᒃ)  
800 [n]ishwaaswaak
900 zhaangaswaak
1,000 midaaswaak (ᒥᑖᐦᔂᐦᒃ)  
10,000 midaaching midaaswaak
(ᒥᑖᐦᒋᓐᒃ ᒥᑖᐦᔂᐦᒃ)
100,000 [n]ingodwaak daso midaaswaak
(ᓂᓐᑯᑣᐦᒃ/ᐃᓐᑯᑣᐦᒃ ᑕᐦᓱ ᒥᑖᐦᔂᐦᒃ)
1,000,000 midaaswaak daso midaaswaak
(ᒥᑖᐦᔂᐦᒃ ᑕᐦᓱ ᒥᑖᐦᔂᐦᒃ)
once aabiding (ᐊᐱᑎᓐᒃ)
[n]ingoding (ᓂᓐᑯᑎᓐᒃ/ᐃᓐᑯᑎᓐᒃ)
twice niizhing (ᓃᔑᓐᒃ)  
three times nising (ᓂᐦᓯᓐᒃ)  
four times niiwing (ᓃᐎᓐᒃ)  
five times naaning (ᓈᓂᓐᒃ)  
six times [n]ingodwaaching
seven times niizhwaaching (ᓃᔣᐦᒋᓐᒃ)  
eight times [n]ishwaaching
nine times zhaangaching (ᔖᓐᑲᐦᒋᓐᒃ)  
ten times midaaching (ᒥᑖᐦᒋᓐᒃ)  

Combining forms

one- bezhigo- (ᐯᔑᑯ), [n]ingo[do]- (ᓂᓐᑯ[ᑐ]/ᐃᓐᑯ[ᑐ])
two- niizho- (ᓃᔓ)
three- niso- (ᓂᐦᓱ)
four- niiwo- (ᓃᐒ), niiyo- (ᓃᔪ)
five- naano- (ᓈᓄ)
six- [n]ingodwaaso- (ᓂᓐᑯᑣᐦᓱ/ᐃᓐᑯᑣᐦᓱ)
seven- niizhwaaso- (ᓃᔣᐦᓱ)
eight- [n]iswaaso- (ᓂᐦᔂᐦᓱ/ᐃᐦᔂᐦᓱ)
nine- zhaangaso- (ᔕᓐᑲᐦᓱ)
ten- midaaso- (ᒥᑖᐦᓱ)
some- daso- (ᑕᐦᓱ)

Hear some Ojibwe numbers:


Corrections by Charles J. Lippert

Information about Ojibwe numerals
http://www.ojibwe.org/home/pdf/ojibwe_beginner_dictionary.pdf http://imp.lss.wisc.edu/~jrvalent/AIS/Assets/Pdfs/VocabOjibweNumbers.pdfs http://www.languagesandnumbers.com/how-to-count-in-ojibwa/en/oji/ http://indoojibwem.blogspot.co.uk/p/counting-in-ojibwe.html

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