Unami numbers

How to count in Unami (Lenape), an Algonquian language spoken in Oklahoma in the USA.

Phonetic transcriptions are shown in [square brackets]. The pronunciations in (brackets) are approximate renditions of the words.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal Pronunciation
1 kweti [kwʌti]
2 nisha [niʃɑ]
3 naxa [nɑxɑ]
4 newa [newɑ]
5 palenaxk [pɑlɛnɑxk]
6 kwetash [kwʌtɑʃ]
7 nishash [niʃɑʃ]
8 xash [xɑʃ]
9 peshkung, peshkunk ['pɛʃkɤŋg], [peʃkʊŋ]
10 telen [tɛlɛn]
11 telen ok kweti [tɛlɛn ɔk kwʌti]
(dell-uhn ahk kwuh-tee)
12 telen ok nisha [tɛlɛn ɔk niʃɑ]
(dell-uhn ahk nee-shah)
13 telen ok naxa [tɛlɛn ɔk nɑxɑ]
(dell-uhn ahk nah-hah)
14 telen ok newa [tɛlɛn ɔk newɑ]
(dell-uhn ahk nay-wah)
15 telen ok palenaxk [tɛlɛn ɔk pɑlɛnɑxk]
(dell-uhn ahk pah-leh-nahxk)
16 telen ok kwetash [tɛlɛn ɔk kwʌtɑʃ]
(dell-uhn ahk kwuh-tahsh)
17 telen ok nishash [tɛlɛn ɔk niʃɑʃ]
(dell-uhn ahk nee-shahsh)
18 telen ok xash [tɛlɛn xɑʃ]
(dell-uhn ahk xhash)
19 telen ok peshkung [tɛlɛn ɔk 'pɛʃkɤŋg ]
(dell-uhn ahk paysh-koong)
20 nishinxke [niʃiŋxke]
21 nishinxke ok kweti [niʃiŋxke ɔk kwʌti]
(nee-sheenx-kay ahk kwuh-tee)
22 nishinxke ok nisha [niʃiŋxke ɔk niʃɑ]
(nee- sheenx-kay ahk nee-shah)
23 nishinxke ok naxa [niʃiŋxke ɔk nɑxɑ]
(nee- sheenx-kay ahk nah-hah)
24 nishinxke ok newa [niʃiŋxke ɔk newɑ]
(nee- sheenx-kay ahk nay-wah)
25 nishinxke ok palenaxk [niʃiŋxke ɔk pɑlɛnɑxk]
(nee-sheenx-kay ahk pah-leh-nahxk)
26 nishinxke ok kwetash [niʃiŋxke ɔk kwʌtɑʃ]
(nee- sheenx-kay ahk kwuh-tahsh)
27 nishinxke ok nishash [niʃiŋxke ɔk niʃɑʃ]
(nee-sheenx-kay ahk nee-shahsh)
28 nishinxke ok xash [niʃiŋxke ɔk xɑʃ]
(nee-sheenx-kay ahk xhash)
29 nishinxke ok peshkung [niʃiŋxke ɔk peʃkʊŋ]
(nee-sheenx-kay ahk paysh-koong)
30 xinxke [xiŋxke]
40 neinxke [neiŋxki]
50 palenaxk txinxke [pɑlɛnɑxk txiŋxki]
(pah-leh-nahxk txeen-xkay)
60 kwetash txinxke [kwʌtɑʃ txiŋxki]
(kwuh-tahsh txeen-xkay)
70 nishash txinxke [niʃɑʃ txiŋxke]
(nee-shahsh txeen-xkay)
80 xash txinxke [xɑʃ txiŋxki]
(xhash txeen-xkay)
90 peshkung txinxke [pɛʃkuŋ txiŋxke]
(paysh-koong txeen-xkay)
100 kwetapxki [kwətɑpxki]
105 kwetapxki ok palenaxk [kwətɑpxki ɔk pɑlɛnɑxk]
(kwuh-tahp-xkee ahk pah-leh-nahxk)
110 kwetapxki ok telen [kwətɑpxki ɔk tɛlɛn]
(kwuh-tahp-xkee ahk dell-uhn)
120 kwetapxki ok nishinxke [kwətɑpxki ɔk niʃiŋxke]
(kwuh-tahp-xkee ahk nee-sheenx-kay)
130 kwetapxki ok xinxke [kwətɑpxki ɔk xiŋxke]
(kwuh-tahp-xkee ahk xinx-kay)
140 kwetapxki ok neinxke [kwətɑpxki ɔk neiŋxki]
(kwuh-tahp-xkee ahk nay-eenx-kay)
150 kwetapxki ok palenaxk txinxke [kwətɑpxki ɔk pɑlɛnɑxk txiŋxki]
(kwuh-tahp-xkee ahk pah-leh-nahxk txeen-xkay)
160 kwetapxki ok kwetash txinxke [kwətɑpxki ɔk kwʌtɑʃ txiŋxki]
(kwuh-tahp-xkee ahk kwuh-tahsh txeen-xkay)
170 kwetapxki ok nishash txinxke [kwətɑpxki ɔk niʃɑʃ txiŋxke]
(kwuh-tahp-xkee ahk nee-shahsh txeen-xkay)
180 kwetapxki ok xash txinxke [kwətɑpxki ɔk xɑʃ txiŋxki]
(kwuh-tahp-xkee ahk xhash txeen-xkay)
190 kwetapxki ok peshkung txinxke [kwətɑpxki ɔk pɛʃkuŋ txiŋxke]
(kwuh-tahp-xkee ahk paysh-koong txeen-xkay)
200 nishapxki [niʃɑpxki]
300 naxapxki [nɑxɑpxki]
(nah-xahp- xkee)
400 neopxki [neɑpxki]
500 palenaxk txapxki, paopxki [pɑlɛnɑxk txɑpxki, peɑpxki]
(pay-leh-nahxk txahp-kee, powp-xkee)
600 kwetash txapxki [kwʌtɑʃ txɑpxki]
(kwuh- tash txahp-kee)
700 nishash txapxki [niʃɑʃ txɑpxki]
(nee- shahsh txahp-kee)
800 xash txapxki [xɑʃ txɑpxki]
(xhash txahp-kay)
900 peshkung txapxki [pɛʃkuŋ txɑpxki]
(paysh-koong txahp-kee)
1,000 telen txen txapxki, telen txen kwetxapxki [tɛlɛn txɛn txɑpxki, tɛlɛn txɛn kwətɑpxki]
(dell-uhn txen txahp-kee, dell-uhn txen kwuh-txahp-kee)


Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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