Miami numbers

How to count in Miami (Myaamia), an Algonquian language that was spoken in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and Oklahoma in the USA, and which is currently being revived.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 ninkoti, nkóti mihtami, mahtami
2 niišwi niišonaminki
3 nihswi nihsonaminki
4 niiwi niiyonaminki
5 myaaranwi, (n)yaalanwi yaalanonaminki
6 kaakaathswi kaakathsonaminki
7 swaahteethswi swaahteethsonaminki
8 paraare, palaani, niišomeneehki palaaninaminki
9 ninkotimeneehki, nkotimeneehki ninkotimeneehkinaminki
10 mataathswi mataathsonaminki
11 mataathswi nkótaasi
12 mataathswi niišwaasi
13 mataathswi nihswaasi
14 mataathswi niiwaasi
15 mataathswi yalaanwaasi
16 mataathswi kaakaathswaasi
17 mataathswi swaahteethwaasi
18 mataathswi palaanaasi
19 mataathswi nkotimeneehkaasi
20 niišomateene, niišwi mateeni
21 niišomateene nkótaasi
22 niišomateene niišwaasi
23 niišomateene nihswaasi
24 niišomateene niiwaasi
25 niišomateene yalaanwaasi
26 niišomateene kaakaathswaasi
27 niišomateene swaahteethwaasi
28 niišomateene palaanaasi
29 niišomateene nkotimeneehkaasi
30 nihsomateene, nihswi mateeni
40 niiyomateene, niiwi mateeni
50 yalaanomateene, yalaanwi mateeni
60 kaaakaathsomateene, kaakaathswi mateeni
70 swaahteethsomateene, swatheethswi mateeni
80 palaanimateene, palaani mateeni
90 nkotimeneehkimateene, nkotimeneehki mateeni
99 nkotimeneehkimateene nikotimineehkaasi
100 nkotwaahkwe
200 niišwaahke
300 nihswaahke
400 niiwaahke
500 yaalanwaahke
600 kaakathswaahke
700 swaatheethswaahke
800 paalanaahkwe
900 nkotimeneehkaahkwe
1,000 mataathswaahkwe

Hear some numbers in Miami:

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Information about numbers in Miami

Compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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