Words for elbow in Celtic languages.

Proto-Celtic *olīnā = elbow, angle
Old Irish (Goídelc) uilen = elbow, forearm; angle, corner
Irish (Gaeilge) uillinn = elbow, angle
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) uileann [ulən̪ˠ] = elbow, angle
Manx (Gaelg) uillin = elbow, elbow joint, crook, angle, corner, nudge
Welsh (Cymraeg) elin [ˈɛlɪn / ˈeːlɪn] = elbow, forearm; angle, bend
Cornish (Kernewek) elin [‘ɛlɪn] = elbow, angle
Breton (Brezhoneg) ilin = elbow, bend

Etymology: from Proto-Indo-European *Heh₃l- (to bend). Cognate with the Latin ulna (elbow, arm), and the English ulna (one of the bones in the forearm) [source].

Words marked with a * are reconstructions.

Sources: Wiktionary, Am Faclair Beag, Online Manx Dictionary, Teanglann.ie, Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru, Gerlyver Kernewek, Dictionnaire Favereau

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