Northern Sami (davvisámegiella/sámegiella)

Northern Sami or North Sámi is a Western Sami language spoken by about 15-25,000 people in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Northern Sami was first documented in a grammar and dictionaries published in the mid-18th century by Knud Leem. The current orthography for Northern Sami developed from the spelling system developed by Rasmus Rask and first published in 1832. Rask worked on the principle of one letter per sound. Separate orthographies developed in Norway, Sweden and Finland, but the systems used in Norway and Sweden were combined from 1948, and an official orthography for use in all three countries was adopted in 1979, and last modified in 1985.

Northern Sami alphabet and pronunciation

Northern Sami alphabet

Northern Sami alphabet

Northern Sami pronunciation

Northern Sami pronunciation

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Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

Áhččámet, don guhte leat almmis!
Basuhuvvos du namma.
Bohtos du riika.
Šaddos du dáhttu,
mo almmis nu maiddái eatnama alde.
Atte midjiide odne min beaivválaš láibbi.
Ja atte midjiide min suttuid ándagassii,
nugo mii ge ándagassii addit velggolaččaidasamet.
Ale ge doalvvo min geahččalussii,
muhto beastte min bahás eret.
Dasgo du lea riika ja fápmu ja gudni agálašvuhtii.

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