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Ume Sámi (Ubmejensámien giella)

Ume Sámi is a Western Sámi language spoken in Sweden and Norway by about 10 people, who live along the Ume River in the north of Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur. Henry Barruk and others have been documenting and trying to revive Ume Sámi in recent ears.

Ume Sámi has no official spelling system, however it is the first Sámi language to be written extensively. A Ume Sámi version of the New Testament was published in 1755, and a complete Ume Sámi Bible appeared in 1811.

Ume Sámi alphabet

A a Á á B b D d Đ đ E e F f G g H h I i Ï ï J j K k L l M m
N n Ŋ ŋ O o P p R r S s T t Ŧ ŧ U u Ú ú V v Y y Ä ä Ö ö Å å

Sample text Ume Sámi

Båtsuoj-bieŋjuv galggá báddie-gietjiesna álggiet lieratit. De tjuavrrá jiehtja viegadit ráddiesta ráddáje jah nav ájaj livva-sijiesna, guh jiehtják súhph. Die galggá daina báddie-bieŋjijne viegadit bijrra ieluon, nav júhtie biegŋja galggá vuöjdniet gúktie almatjh gelggh dahkat. Lierruo-biegŋja daggár bälij vánatallá ieluon bijrra ja ij akttak bijgŋuolissa luöjtieh. Die måddie bálliena daggár biegŋja, juhka ij leäh ållást lieratuvvama, die butsijda válldá ja dulvada. De daggár bälij tjuavrrá suv báddáje válldiet jah slåvvat.


A reindeer herding dog must begin its training with a leash. Then one has to run from one side [of the herd] to the other and also on the area where they [the reindeer] rest, while others are eating. One must run around the herd with the dog [to be trained] on a leash, so that the dog sees how people do it. The trained dog then runs around the herd and does not allow any to slip away. Then there are often dogs that are not fully trained [and] who single out a reindeer and drive it away [i.e., to kill it]. Then one must put a leash on that [dog] and strike it.


Information about Ume Sámi | Numbers in Ume Sámi


Information about Ume Sámi

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