Ye’kuana is a Cariban language spoken mainly in Venezuela, and also in Brazil, by about 6,630 people. In Venezuela it is spoken by about 6,200 people in Bolívar and Amazonas states along the border with Brazil, and is officially recognized as an indigenous language. There are also about 430 speakers of Ye’kuana in Roraima state in the northwest of Brazil.

Ye’kuana is also known as Maquiritari, Dekwana, Ye'kwana, Ye'cuana, Yekuana, Cunuana, Kunuhana, De'cuana, De’kwana Carib, Pawana, Maquiritai, Maquiritare, Maiongong, or Soto.

Ye’kuana was first documented in the 19th century. Since then a number of scholars have written about it. It can be written with a version of the Latin alphabet.

Ye’kuana alphabet and pronunciation

Ye’kuana alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Ye’kuana (Excel)

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Information about Ye’kuana’kuana_language'kwana

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