Hixkaryána is a member of the Southern Guiana branch of Cariban languages. It is spoken in Pará and Amazonas states of Brazil on the Nhamundá, Mapuera and Japatú rivers, tributaries of the Amazon. In the year 2000 there were about 600 speakers of Hixkaryána.

Other names for this language include: Hixkariana, Hishkaryana, Parukoto-Charuma, Parucutu, Chawiyana, Kumiyana, Sokaka, Wabui, Faruaru, Sherewyana, Xerewyana, Xereu, Hichkaryana

One unusual feature of Hixkaryána is that it's one of the few languages that normally uses a Object Subject Verb word order. Before it was first described by the linguist Desmond Derbyshire, no language was thought to use such word order.

Parts of the Bible were translated into Hixkaryána in 1966, and the complete New Testament was published in 1976. Only about 30% to 60% of those who speak Hixkaryána the language are able to read and write it.

Hixkaryána pronunciation

Hixkaryána pronunciation


Source: http://www.rosettaproject.org/rosetta/A1/archive/carib/americas/hix/phon-v1

Download an alphabet chart for Hixkaryána (Excel)

Sample text in Hixkaryána

Onà wyaro-tà amnyehra nehxakonà, Khoryenkom karyehtanà ywero, yaworono ywero-he. Yukryeka-htxero-tyakàhtoy-ha, Khoryenkomo. Kahe-t yakàhtoy-xarha. Àro wyaro-t omeroro nakàtoy-ha. Wewe-komo, tano-mya tàtosom-komo, omeroro-t nakàhtoy-ha, Khoryenkomo.

Source: http://www.language-museum.com/h/hixkaryana.htm


In the beginning God created heaven and earth. The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep water. The spirit of God was hovering over the water.

Sample video in Hixkaryána


Information about the Hixkaryána language and people

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