Japreria is a Cariban language spoken in the north east of Venezuela, particularly along the Lajas, Socuy and Palmar rivers north of Sierra de Perijá in Zulia State. In 2002 there were 170 speakers of Japreria, which is also known as Yapreria.

Japreria is related to Yukpa, a Cariban language spoken in the same area, and in neighbouring parts of Colombia. The Japreria people and their language were considered a subgroup of the Yukpa people. However, the Japreria assert that they are a separate people with their own language. Their claims are supported by Professor Luis Oqeundo of the University of Zulia, who studied their language and culture in 2004. Since 2008 the Japreria language has been an officially recognised language in Venezuela.

Japreria alphabet and pronunciation

Japreria alphabet and pronunciation

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