Tonsawang (Toundanow)

Tonsawang is a member of the Minahasan branch of the Philippine language family. It is spoken by about 9,000 people near the town of Ronoketang in the Southeast Minahasa Tenggara regency in North Sulawesi province of Indonesia.

Tonsawang is also known as Tombatu or Toundanow. The name Tonsawang means "people (who) help" or "people of the rice fields", Tombatu means "people (of) rock/stone" and Toundanow means "people of the lake".

Speakers of Tonsawang are mainly older adults. Younger people are shifting to Manado Malay, although they may understand Tonsawang and speak it to a limited extent. It is used particularly in lansia, prayer groups for those over 50, and to varying degress on formal and ceremonial occasions, such as weddings, funerals, festivals and other celebrations.

Efforts to revitalise Tonsawang include teaching it in schools, speech contests and use in churches.

Tonsawang alphabet and pronunciation

Tonsawang alphabet and pronunciation

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