Isnag is a Philippine language spoken in northern Luzon in the Philippines, specifically in the Cordillera Administrative Region in parts of Apayao, Cagayan, Abra and Ilocos Norte Provinces. In 1994 there were 30-40,000 speakers of Isnag, which is also known as Apayao, Dibagat-Kabugao-Isneg, Isneg or Maragat.

Isnag alphabet and pronunciation

Isnag alphabet and pronunciation

A grave accent over a vowel can be used to indicate a glottal stop. When a glottal stop follows a consonant, it can be written with a hyphen. The sample text below does not appear to use this system.

Download an alphabet chart for Isnag (Excel)

Sample text

Mahi indo' tada ngamin ta ngamin tada ay magwawwáhi, ta ya pahin indo' kiya isa tulay ay maggayát ke Dios.


Friends, let us love each other, because love comes from God.

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Information about the Isnag alphabet and languages

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