Mamanwa (Minamanwa)

Mamanwa is a member of the Central Philippine branch of the Philippine language family. It is spoken by about 4,070 people on the island of Mindanao in provinces of Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte in the Caraga region of the southern Philippines, particularly around Lake Mainit.

Mamanwa is also known as Mamanwa Negrito or Minamanwa. It is closely related to Surigaonon, Butuanon, Bislig, Kamayo and Cebuano. Most Mamanwa speakers also speak Cebuano.

Mamanwa can be written with the Latin alphabet, although few Mamanwa speakers are literate in their language.

Latin alphabet for Mamanwa

Mamanwa alphabet and pronunciation


The glottal stop is not indicated at the beginnings of words and between vowels. After a consonant it is written with a hyphen. After a vowel it is written with a grave accent over the vowel.

Download an alphabet chart for Mamanwa (Excel)

Sample text

Insay-ong na babazi ya boog, daw intabangan na idò. Daked ka bobong kaw-a na babazi. Ya isa nagasay-ong ka bozag. Napatay di ya boog kay in-osi na idò. Mabeg-at ya boog. Pagdateng ka lagkaw ihawen kaay panganen niran.


The woman is carrying the wild pig by headstrap, and the dog is helping. The woman got it up in the mountain. The other (woman) is carrying camote. The wild pig is dead because the dog cornered and killed it. The wild pig is heavy. When they arrive at the house they will roast it because they will eat it.


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Information about Mamanwa

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