Molbog is a Philippine language spoken by about 6,000 people mainly in Mimaropa region of the Philippines. In particular it is spoken on the islands of Balabac, Ramos and Bancalan and in the municipality of Bataraza in the south of the Province of Palawan. There are also some speakers of Molbog on the islands of Banggi and Balambangan, which are part of the state of Sabah in eastern Malaysia.

Molbog is thought to belong to the Palawanic branch of Central Philippine languages by some scholars, while others classify it as a part of the Molbog-Bonggi group of North Bornean languages.

Latin alphabet for Molbog

Latin alphabet for Molbog

Download an alphabet chart for Molbog (Excel)

Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample video in Molbog


Information about Molbog

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