Mongondow (Bolaang Mongondow)

Mongondow is Philippine language spoken in northern Sulawesi in Indonesia, specifically in the regencies of Bolaang Mongondow and North Sulawesi, and in the province of Gorontalo. According to the 2000 census, there are 230,000 speakers of Mongondow, which is also known as Bolaang Mongondow, Bolang-Mogondo, Minahassa or Mongondou.

A grammar of Mongondow was published, in Dutch, by W. Dunnebier in 1930.

Mongondow alphabet and pronunciation

Mongondow alphabet and pronunciation


l is pronounced [l] when next to e or i, and [ɭ] elsewhere. In the sample text the [ɭ] sound is written ḷ.

Download an alphabet chart for Mongondow (Excel)

Sample text

Naonda i mopaḷoet-don-makov mototali'an toea, jo boeion-don im bobato pojotaka'an ing ki togi gadi' ko ḷoḷaki bo ki togi gadi' kom bobai, sin taka doea, pinomaja' a nopopadatan, si a nototali'an, nongongeloan pinomaja' a mongongoeḷaan kong koïbog nai togi gadi' kom posi-posibotak.


Sample videos in Mongondow

Information about Mongondow | Numbers


Information about the Mongondow alphabet and languages

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