Swabian (Schwäbisch)

Swabian is a West Germanic language, or a group of Alemannic German dialects, spoken mainly in southern Germany in central and southeastern Baden-Württemberg and southwest Bavaria. This region is historically known as Swabia and was once the Duchy of Swabia. In the year 2000 there were about 820,000 speakers of Swabian. There are also some speakers of Swabian in Tyrol in western Austria.

There are three main groups of Swabian dialects: South-East Swabian, West Swabian and Central Swabian. The language is also known as Swabian German, Swabian dialect, Schwaebisch or Suabian.

There is some literature in Swabian, including prose and poetry. Each author has their own way of writing the language. Some use only letters and diacritics found in German, some use a variety of other diacritics, such as graves (ò), circumflexes (ô), tildes (ã) and/or rings (å).

Swabian alphabet and pronunciation

Swabian pronunciation

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Sample text

As reagalat, as tropfalat
dia alde Weibla hopfalat
hopfat en dr Stuba rom
schmeissat älle Häfa om.


It's rainin', it's droppin'
the hags are a-hoppin'
hop around in the hut
throw down every pot.

Source: https://www.schwaebisch-englisch.de/

Sample video in Swabian

Information about Swabian | Numbers


Information about Swabian

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