Nobonob is a member of the Madang branch of Trans-New Guinea language family. It is spoken by about 5,000 people in Madang District of Madang Province on the north coast of mainland Papua New Guinea, particularly in the villages of Nagada, Betip, Amron, Haven, Balepa, Belan and Butelkud.

Nobonob is also known as Nobanob, Nobnob, Nupanob, Garuh or Butelkud-Guntabak. It is written with the Latin alphabet, and there is some literature in the language, including a translation of the New Testament, and a dictionary.

Nobonob alphabet and pronunciation

Nobonob alphabet and pronunciation


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Sample text

Da gemu tuqan kobol la be doomi amunu madip̱i doognig. Tuqanp̱a da dahilad nid naonao ele niiutuut maḏ oḵainab la laḵa beum. Ba lag heḏkud oiyeye ah dahil hipuḏḵunu lam awa na anṯa da onil eum. E ahen maḏ maḵuḏe mauhe buḏi uḵom.


Last night something happened which I experienced so I will tell about it. Last night while my children and I were sleeping a very large snake came up to the house. He came up and was crawling under the house when my wife got the lamp to go to the toilet. She came down, saw the snake and called me, after which I got up, hit the snake, killed it and threw it away.

Source: Nobnob Organised Phonology Data by Ulys Aeschliman

Sample of spoken Nobonob


Information about Nobonob

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