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Amele (Sona)

Amele is a Trans-New Guinea language spoken in Madang Province of Papua New Guinea by about 5,300 people. It is spoken in the hills of Astrolabe Bay between the Gum and Gogol Rivers. There are three dialects, Huar, Jagahala and Haija.

Amele alphabet and pronunciation

Amele alphabet and pronunciation

Source: http://www-01.sil.org/pacific/png/pubs/928474541389/Amele_Orthography_Reform.pdf

Download an alphabet chart for Amele (Excel)

Sample text (The Lord's Prayer)

O ege Memige, hina sao jobon biligina, hina ijain gun biliale. Hinana cul egeca hoiale. Hina con toodu odoc sao jobon ihoc lenawe odi mahana ha ihoc leiale. Sab jecnu ba i ihoc igigale. Dana age ege me qee odigeinnu ege dahinige celenwe hinaha egena me qee odadec eunu dahin celeiale. Hina ege temgecna cain ehi li migigaun. Euqa qisol mec kobol eu cagasigagale, doigale, aden.

Source: http://pngscriptures.org/aey/MAT06.htm

Details of Amele pronunciation and sample text provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Information about Amele | Tower of Babel in Amele


Information about the Amele languages

Trans-New Guinea languages

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