Borong is a member of the Western Huon group of Trans-New Guinea languages. It is spoken by about 2,200 people on the Huon Peninsula in Morobe Province in the northeast of Papua New Guinea. In particular, it is spoken in the villages of Ebebang and Hamoronong between Mindik and Pindiu.

Dialects of Borong include Kosorong and Yangeborong. It is written with the Latin script, and there is a Borong translation of the Bible.

Borong alphabet and pronunciation

Borong alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Borong (Excel)

Sample text

Wala eeŋanoŋ somataurunana lokaeŋ ama laligogi: Mera dologa iyoŋonoŋ somariigi asa jigonoŋ ama oŋoŋ ikawanoŋ neneya kuuya suu ama oŋoŋgi ragi kema laligoŋ kambaŋgia megi. Ii tororo bao gbamo kooŋ komaŋ megi kouro gomaŋtiiŋa rii oroŋ ragi gomaŋ tiiro bao qeŋ ooŋ kotoŋ bao gbamo mendeeŋ oŋoŋgi neŋ kondeeŋ kema kaŋ laligogi. Kianda.


Formerly our leaders made like this: As their young males grew, they were put into the boy’s house. All food was forbidden from them. They lived there until an appointed time. Then they took a pig, taros, dancing hats and kundu drums and came forth together, sang and danced the whole night until morning. Then they killed the pig, cooked and cut it into pieces, shared the pig and the taros and gave them to eat. They ate, as much as they could and left the leftovers and went home. That’s it.

Source: Borong (Kosorong) Organised Phonology Data (PDF)

Information about Borong | Tower of Babel


Information about the Borong languages

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