Kanasi (Sona)

Kanasi is a Trans-New Guinea language spoken in Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea by about 2,200 people. It is a member of the Dagan branch of the Trans-New Guinea language family.

Kanasi alphabet and pronunciation

Kanasi alphabet and pronunciation

Details of Kanasi pronunciation provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Download an alphabet chart for Kanasi (Excel)

Sample text

Ne dudunantapa. Imana no anten dobanembe. Garasinten. Mai bori empona. Bori dia. Boata osi emotana. Boata emonate tane rawileidio weuwate winen dua. Dua winen, oronten. Oronten boata inbolen. Tane tadino ne ituntedine Alismori apalen, "Bendimanio, winea. Boata nata". Tane ne tadino nonen anten Alismori mampe. Boata natana dialen. Tane winen duna bede. Odana, itunten, walama punden. Dialen


I am telling a story. Yesterday we went to the river. We went spear-diving. We did not spear any fish. No fish. We only speared boata (kind of small bottom dweller fish). We speared boata but it got evening and we ran and came to the house. We came to the house and steam-cooked the boata. We steam-cooked and the boata got done. And during the night Alice-Mori called out, 'Benjamin, come. Let us eat boata.' And I went during the night and came to Alice-Mori. We finished eating the boata. And then I came into my house. I came, I slept and the day broke. Here it (the story) is finished

Source: http://www-01.sil.org/pacific/png/pubs/928474542441/Kanasi.pdf

Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

Mako, e uboo wanwanlala, e eboa kakaisaipe wainipona. E gonaa wisepona, ita e insaisaa uboo segaleidituwadia ruawa tawo osowe segaleipona. Walama ruawaitone nanamba menanedia nenona. Ita no kadiwamba inseadabuasaa, no sosomba kadiwa mainimbo dewasaiena inseitadabuasaitana rua. Tane mai rubu bedewe itunea, kadi mamba nanausinepia sawa no oniadewasanena. Amen.

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Information about the Kanasi languages

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