Huli is a Engan language spoken in around Tari in Hela Province, and in the south of Enga Province in Papua New Guinea. In 2011 there were about 150,000 speakers of Huli, which is also known as Huli-Hulidana or Huri.

The Engan languages are spoken in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Huli is part of the South Engan branch of the family, along with Angal, Kewa and Samberigi. These languages are possibly part of the Trans-New Guinea language family.

One interesting aspect of Huli is that numbers are pentadecimal (base-15). This means that 16 is 15 + 1 (nguira-ni mbira), 17 is 15 + 2 (nguira-ni kira), 30 is 15 x 2 (ngui ki), and so on. More details.

Huli alphabet and pronunciation

Huli alphabet and pronunciation


Download an alphabet chart for Huli (Excel)

Sample text

Ngodehanda wali agali bihende gubalini timbuniore howa ibu igini mbira hangu henego ngini. Ibuhondo mini mbiraorewi karu ti dinini koha napole haabo holene yu ka.

Sample videos

Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum


Information about Huli language

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