Logba (Ikpana)

Logba is a Kwa language spoken by about 7,120 people in the southeast of Ghana along the border with Togo, particularly in Hohoe District of the Volta Region in the townships of Vuinta, Ogɔme, Akusame, Adiveme, Adzakoe, Alakpeti, Tota and Klikpo, and in nearby villages. Most Logba speakers also speak Ewe, the main language of the region, and Twi, the official state language of Ghana, and/or English.

Logba is known as Ikpana ("defenders of truth") by the Logba people, who call themselves Akpanawo. The name Logba comes from the Ewe words lɔ́ (collect) and gbě (rubbish), or it comes from the Logba words la (to make) and ɔgbá (path).

Logba Alphabet

Logba Alphabet


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Sample text

xé a-bɔ́-zá n-fú, gbã ibotɛ́ tɛ́ á-yayi a-sɔ́ alo gaze nu xé a-bó-za a-bɛ, a-bɛ a-shianu xé a-bɔ́-zá i-botɛ́ e-wli tsibi bɔtɛ́ memgba nango ɔ-kpɛ. A-bɔ́ na a-bɛ ɔ-dzá. Xé a-bɛ e-be a-bɔ́-gla fɛ́ a-kɔntsi nu.


If you want to make palm oil, first you have to search for pot or iron pot in which you cook the palm fruit. The quantity you will cook because it should be plenty a bit, it should be about a big bowl. You will put the fruit on fire. If the palm fruit is cooked, you will pour it into a basket.

Source: A Grammar of Logba (Ikpana), by Dorvlo, K.G.E. (2008)

Sample video in Logba

Information about Logba | Numbers


Information about Logba

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