Avatime (Sị̀yà / Sị̀yàsɛ̄̀)

Avatime is a member of the Kwa branch of the Niger-Congo language family. It is spoken by about 27,000 people in eastern Ghana, particularly in the towns and villages of Amedzofe, Vane, Gbadzeme, Dzokpe, Biakpa, Dzogbefeme and Fume in the north of the Volta Region. Vane, or Avatime Vane, is the capital of the Avatime Traditional Area.

Avatime is also known as Afatime, Sideme or Sia. Avatime speakers call it Sị̀yà or Sị̀yàsɛ̄̀, and they call themselves Kèdānị̄mà. The name 'Avatime' is what the Ewe call them.

Avatime is used in domestic and traditional domains. Elsewhere Ewe and English are used. There is no standard way to write Avatime, however it can be written with the Latin alphabet.

Avatime Alphabet

Avatime Alphabet

Download an Avatime alphabet chart (Excel)


Avatime has three tones: the low tone is can be marked with a grave accent (à), the high tone is not marked, and the extra-high tone is can be marked with an acute accent (á). Other diacritics may be used. Their significance is not known.

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