Anii is a Kwa language spoken by about 48,900 people mainly in Benin, and also in Togo and Ghana. In Benin there are about 33,600 speakers of Anii along the border with Togo in the Bssila Commune of the Donga Department. In Togo Anii is spoken by about 15,300 people in Tchamba Prefecture of the Centrale Region. In Ghana Anii speakers can be found in the Oti and Ashanti Region.

Anii is also known as Baseca, Basila, Bassila or Gisida. Other names for the language include Oji-Ouji and Ouinji-Ouinji, which are considered derogatory. Native speakers chose the name Anii in 1979 as the official name for all Anii dialects. It means "Do you hear?" or "Do you understand?" in Anii.

Each village where Anii is spoken has its own dialect, and the dialects differ from each other in terms of pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Some differ to the extent that they are not mutually intelligible with other dialects.

A way of writing Anii with the Latin script was developed in 1979 by the Sous-Commission National Anii. The Anii orthography was accepted by Anii speakers in 2012 and has been in regular use since then.

Anii Alphabet (Anii kɩɩbii)

Anii Alphabet (Anii kɩɩbii)


Download an Anii alphabet chart (Excel)

Sample text

ampǝrǝ n tsɨ a tɩ ri duliɲa kɨbɛrɛ na kɩbɔrɩ na kabʊsapɩ. doodoodoɩɩ na gʊlɨma gudǝŋ gʊ kada, n uto a jide halɩ bʊʤa buriu. n abulo, ato, ituʧine, agbaŋgɨma, atobʊmbɔnɔ, n ɩlɔkɔ i mǝr kpataa. bɛrɛ, ɩbɔrɩ bʊsapɩ bǝ ti ʧi atukɔmɔ. na gatɨna kagʊjarɩ a kʊl a wala samaa aŋunii.


My story left to trap the people, animals and birds of the world. It was in the olden times that there was a drought, and the rain stopped for three years. And the waterholes, creeks, streams, lakes, rivers and wells were all dry. People, animals and birds were dying of thirst. And the king of the earth drummed to bring everyone together.


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Information about Anii

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