Foodo (Fóodo)

Foodo is a member of the Kwa branch of the Niger-Congo language family. It is spoken by about 21,000 people mainly in northern Benin, particular in and around the town of Sèmèrè in the Ouaké commune of Donga Department. There are also speakers of Foodo in other parts of Benin, and in Togo, Ghana, Nigeria and Niger.

Foodo is also known as Guang. It is written with the Latin alphabet, although few Foodo speakers are literate in their language. It is used on the radio and there are translations of parts of the Bible in Foodo.

Foodo Alphabet (Fóodo Kʊnʊŋ)

Foodo Alphabet (Fóodo Kʊnʊŋ)


Download an Foodo alphabet chart (Excel)

Sample text

Tákayɩ jɩ́ gɛ́ anyɩm kácaa Fóodo dɔ. Ɩ saŋ jíŋaalɩ ɔkaanɔ (Eid al-Fitili) la jíŋaalɩ ɔŋlɛɛ (Eid al-Adha) tám nɩ́ ɩ jɩ́ ba nɛ́ɛ dá tákayɩ mʊʊ. Kádɩya bakʊ ( adawɔɔ báa anɩ la mʊ-síbi) la ɩ́ nyɛ la ɩ́ waá dám ŋ́ nɛ́ɛ sɔ́ ba dá tákayɩ mʊʊ.



The Foodo dance is a dance performed by men among the Foodo. This danse is danced principally for the two main Foodo feasts, which are the feast at the end of Ramadan (Aid el-Fitr) and the feast of Tabaski (Aid al-Adha). It is a dance which is done by a group of people (an even number) to facilitate the rhythm and the cadence.


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Information about Foodo

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