Numbers in Logba

Information about counting in Logba (Ikpana), a Kwa language spoken in the Volta Region in southeastern Ghana.

The numbers 1-6 have different prefixes depening on what you are counting. The preffix i- is used for general counting, while other prefixes are used depending on the accompanying noun. For example, one man = ɔsá ɔkpɛ, two men = asá anyɔ and three men = asá ata.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 i-kpɛ kelekele
2 i-nyɔ nyɔmble
3 i-ta tamble
4 i-na namble
5 i-nú numble
6 i-glo glomble
7 glaŋkpe glamkpemble
8 mlamina mlaminamble
9 gɔkuaɖu gɔkuaɖumble
10 u-ɖu ɖumble
11 ɖu-tsa ikpɛ
12 ɖu-tsa inyɔ
13 ɖu-tsa ita
14 ɖu-tsa ina
15 ɖu-tsa inu
16 ɖu-tsa iglo
17 ɖu-tsa glaŋkpe
18 ɖu-tsa mlamina
19 ɖu-tsa gɔkuaɖu
20 ɔɖɔ
21 ɔɖɔ tsa ikpɛ
22 uɖɔ tsa inyɔ
23 uɖɔ tsa ita
24 uɖɔ tsa ina
25 uɖɔ tsa inu
26 uɖɔ tsa iglo
27 uɖɔ tsa glaŋkpe
28 uɖɔ tsa mlamina
29 uɖɔ tsa gɔkuaɖu
30 uɖata
40 uɖana
50 uɖanú
60 uɖaglo
70 uɖaglaŋkpe
80 uɖumlamina
90 uɖugɔkuaɖu
100 uga
1,000 akpi ɔkpɛ
1,000,000 igamɔga, miliɔnu ɔkpɛ

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