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Language courses and other materials for learning Southern Min languages such as Taiwanese and Amoy Hokkien.

Handbook of Romanized Taiwanese & Hokkien

Handbook of Romanized Taiwanese & Hokkien

by David L. Chen

- an introduction to Taiwanese and Hokkien designed for English speakers that discusses the phonetic and tone structure of Taiwanese Hokkien vocabulary and five of the most common forms of Taiwanese romanization. Covers the basics of reading and pronunciation of Taiwanese romanization regardless of which romanization is being used. Focuses more on Taiwanese and Amoy Hokkien but provides a basic foundation in phonetics and tones that can be applied to other Hokkien dialects.

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Spoken Taiwanese

by Nicholas C. Bodman

- an introduction to spoken Taiwanese consisting of a course book and 13 cassettes. This is one of the few Taiwanese courses in English: most are in Chinese. The cassettes are sold separately on Amazon.

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Taiwanese Grammar: A Concise Reference

An guide delivering clear, straightforward explanations of Taiwanese grammar while offering insightful comparisons to Mandarin and English. Designed to be both functional and accessible, the text makes searching for topics quick and easy with fully cross-referenced entries and a comprehensive index. Explanations are concise and carefully illustrated with well over one thousand example sentences. All example sentences provide highlighted glosses in three languages: Taiwanese, Mandarin, and English. In addition, examples place particular emphasis on frequently used vocabulary and include character script and Romanization for both Taiwanese and Mandarin.

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Spoken Amoy Hokkien

by Nicholas C. Bodman

- a good introduction to the spoken Hokkien of Amoy (Xiamen) consisting of a course book and 16 cassettes. The cassettes are sold separately on Amazon.

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