Which language next?

As today is the 1st October it’s time to change my focus to a different language on my Multilngual Musings blog – but which one? During the past three months I’ve focused on Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Manx – a different one each month – and have found the exercise of writing something and recording it every day very useful for my proficiency in them. While my knowledge of each of these languages has improved, there is still plenty more to learn.

As for the next language to focus on – I could continue the Celtic theme and choose Welsh or Breton, or go for one of the other languages I want to brush up, such as German, Chinese, Japanese, Esperanto, French or Spanish. I feel confident writing in Welsh, and fairly confident in French, but the it would be a struggle with the others, which is one reason why I’m doing this as I need the practice.

Have you undertaken any language-related project like this? If so, how successful have they been?

2 thoughts on “Which language next?

  1. I’ve never spent a single month in intensive, daily study of one language, but I have used blocks of time to learn alphabets and writing systems that were unfamiliar to me (e.g. hiragana, Cyrillic alphabet).

    Of the options you’ve listed, Breton would be my choice!

  2. I haven’t been studying these languages intensively – but have been blogging in them every day.

    I decided on Welsh, by the way, and will probably try Breton next month.

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