The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Siyin Chin / Sizaang (Siyin)

Babylon Tausaang

  1. A masa ciilin leitung mihingte theampo in kam nam khat bek kinei a kammal kibang zangh uh hi.
  2. Amate nisuana sangah pai kawkoai a, Babylon ngam zaanglei mun khat a thet ciang tua munah khua saat uh hi.
  3. Amate khat le khat, “Hong pai tavun! uksuang beangin hal tawng” kici uh hi. Amate innsak natu in uksuang le a kimat natu in thingnaai zangh uh hi.
  4. Amate in, “Eite atu in khuapi khat saatin van a dong tu in, tausaang khat ciang tawng. Leitung theampo ah ih kithethaang ngawl natu hi tahen,” ci uh hi.
  5. Tuaciang amate ii a vawt khuapi le tausaang a en tu in Topa hong paisuk a,
  6. “En vun, hite sia a vekpi in minam khat hi a, kam namkhat pau hi. A nasep tute a kipatna hi pheang hi. Hai ngawlin a nasep nop teng hong seam tu uh hi!
  7. Tua ahikom eite paisuk in khat le khat a kampau a kitel ngawl natu in a kampau toknoai tawng,” ci hi.
  8. Topa in mihingte leitung mun theampo ah kithethaangsak a, amate in a khuapi saat tawlnga hi.
  9. Tua khuapi sia Babylon ci uh hi. Banghangziam cile Topa in tua mun mihingte theampo ii kampau toknoai a, tua mun panin leitung mun theampo ah amate kithethaangsak hi.

Source: Pianciilna (Genesis). Siyin Common Language Bible. Bible Society of Myanmar, 2004.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl


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