The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Babel Tyoeuqzvm

  1. Gvshih nyeisjvng gonh gas nyingh dvja kyingh kat, dang eq dvyhangteh zis dvyhung.
  2. Nyamoq buisthuq shot pheh tyungh loh lyis Shina mau mas pazoe dvkoeuq nyvng las houmha nyeis.
  3. Nyamoq gas, Los geh, jyenhchvp kuot las gis shoq tsain phuot goh, ge nyang changh nyang tsain taiq goh. Houmha nyamoq gas luk gungsthaiq jyenhchvp, jyenhchvp tap das tsohnhih tsain yoh.
  4. Houmha nyamoq gas, Los geh, yang nyeisjvng gonh ma dyos loh das zis yahge yah nyings hoeuh das xiklyis wugungs eq, maukhung thuk dah tyoeuqzvm eq tsain kuot goh, ge.
  5. Yhensain ka dius jens kuot dah wugungs yahge tyoeuqzvm lyis yoeuh das ge maukhung mhayah gyoh los.
  6. Housoeh Yhensain ka, Nyamoq gas dius dvnyau kyingh, dvnyingh kyingh nghuot las, heika nyamoq vsaiq kuot xi muh nghuot: nyamoq kuot ya kuot yvlyis yoh kuot loh das.
  7. Los geh, nyamoq nyang changh taiq dah dang ma seqgyo goh shoq nyamoq nyingh lyis e lhoeu nhunk dyei goh, ge.
  8. Housoeh Yhensain ka nyamoq lyis hou mhayah nyeisjvng gonh sanh tyo kat las nyamoq wugungs kuot zis no tyamp.
  9. Yhensain ka nyeisjvng gonh nyingh lyis lhoeu nhunk dyei gvng mas hauh joqyos lyis Babel ge nyhink. Yhensain ka nyamoq lyis hauh joqyos masyah nyeisjvng gonh sanh tyo tyamp.

Source: Ngochang Common Language Bible. Bible Society of Myanmar, 2010.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl


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