The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Lachik (Lashi)

Babelon Pyuzung

  1. Xang: shi" ri moug: gyab goin" moo myeing" daja: za: kaid lho: dang: daja: kyeing" jo, boem.
  2. Nyangnu" gi bidthu shoid khyoo: nyid yhe: lo" boem ri Babelon jang: dam dakhyi' moo ju" lho: nyid nyid boem ago".
  3. Nyangnu" nyang: cang" tid sham: go" boem zigi «Ri" ge'- zhoothung" baid lho: thain: sho' phoid boem shang» ga: tid. Houg: yoomo nyangnu" gi yhoem: koid wa zhoothung" yo' zhoo" kyen' ri yo" too" bye:.
  4. Nyangnu" gi «Akhid" nyhang" moug: fu" lho: moug: gyab goin" abyo, sain" loo" wa shid re" mougkhung: moo thug sho' myang: da" pyuzung bo da" voomoo" daloem: ri zhug boem shang» ga: tid boem.
  5. Hau: thang: Aseing gi hau: byu yi koid nyid boem da" pyuzung yo' voomoo" ri yu" wa shid re" ju" gyoo" lo.
  6. Hau: lho: nyang: gi «Houg ri akhid" he: byu yi dangain" gi byu damyu" myeing" daja: za: nyangnu" kaid nyid boem. He: zigi nyangnu" zei: zo" lo" nyid da" moo" aseig dashid" lo" nyid ashi". Daso' lang" nyangnu" koid nau ziri yo" bain koid boem wa myang.
  7. Nyangnu" dayug yo' dayug myeing" azhung" go" sho' nyhang" gyoo" yhe: lho: nyangnu" da" myeing" ri lhu: nhung pyam byid: shang» ga: tid.
  8. Hougsu" wigi Aseing gi nyangnu" ri mougmyid gyab goin" khyoo: byo sain" loo" nhang: lho: nyangnu" voomoo" tam: da" khyoo: gi no: pyam boem bye:.
  9. Voomoo" da" myeing gi Babelon ga: zi nghoid. Khasu" wim gari hau: joyoo moo Aseing gi byu dangain" bang: da" myeing" ri lhu: nhung pyam byid: lho: hau: joyoo mo moug: gyab goin" khyoo: byo sain" loo" bye:.

Source: Apoem Ayang (Genesis). Lashi (Lacid) Common Language Bible. Bible Society of Myanmar, 2009.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl


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