The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Bebilon Ahemchardon

  1. Kechengsi, pirthe adang kedo-an arat atum alam-aki isinat lapen isinat alamthe-heihei si ningjepet-lo.
  2. Latum nihang anat dam bomsi, latum Bebilon athoi along nanglelo lapen hadak dodamlo.
  3. Latum lahin lahin chepulo, “Vangnon! Eli ita selam lonang lapen lahei pherang-pame lonang.” Lasonsi latum kekimji aphan ita dolo lapen lahei kerakji aphan ingchin arrita dolo.
  4. Latum pulo, “Non eli isi sining-inghun kelerok ahemchardon arongsopi kimlonang, anke etum emethang amen pado thekpo lapen pirthe adang bithe-bitha pratsei nangnelo.”
  5. Anke rongsopi kelangjisi HEMPHU nanghirlo lapen halahei amonit atum kekim ahemchardon langsi,
  6. Alangli pulo, “Non lahei arat kedo-an latum isinat alam si ningjelo; lake latum keklemji akam kechengsi lo. Latum keklemji aning kehang aling pachun-dapprangpo.
  7. Eli damra latum alam paprek et-lonang, anke latum lahin lahin charju thekthe detpo.”
  8. Lasonsi latum aphan HEMPHU pirthe adang bithe papratseilo, lapen latum rongsopi kekim sangkok-lo.
  9. Laso arongsopi Bebilon pulo, pima hadaksi HEMPHU arat kedo-an alam paprekjam lo, lapen hadak pensi Alangli latum aphan pirthe adang bithe papratseilo.

Source: Kecheng (Genesis). Baibel Kangthir. The Bible in Karbi Language. Bible Society of India, 2010.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

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