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Hittite    Hittite language (nešili)

Hittite was spoken north-central Anatolia (part of modern Turkey) and is generally classified as belonging to the Anatolian branch of Indo-European languages. Written records of Hittite date from between the 16th and 13th centuries BC, and it is the earliest Indo-European to appear in writing.

Hittite was written with a cuneiform script adapted from a version of Akkadian cuneiform from northern Syria and was deciphered during the early 20th century mainly by Bedřich Hrozný, with contributions by Jørgen Alexander Knudtzon, and Hugo Winckler, who discovered many tablets written in Hittite at the village of Boğazköy in Turkey.

Notable features

Hittite syllabic glyphs

Some Hittite Cuneiform glyphs

Sample text

Sample of Hittite writing



Information about the Hittite language and writing system:

Hittite dictionary

Anatolian languages

Carian, Hittite, Lycian, Lydian

Cuneiform scripts

Akkadian, Elamite, Hittite, Old Persian Cuneiform, Sumerian, Ugaritic

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