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Bukhori (бухорӣ / בּוּכאָריִ / بخاری)

Bukhori is a variety of Persian spoken by Bukharian Jews in Uzbekistan, Israel and the USA. The majority of speakers, about 50,000, are in Israel, and a similar number can be found in Uzbekistan, the USA and a number of other countries.

Bukhori, which is also known as Bukhari, Bukharic, Bukharan or Bukharian, developed from classical Persian and has absorbed many words from Hebrew, and also some vocabulary from other languages such as Russian and Uzbek. It is closest to and largely mutually intelligible with Tajik Persia.

Bukhori is normally written with the Hebrew alphabet, and there are regular short broadcasts in the language on Kol Israel Radio.

Bukhori alphabet (בּוּכאָריִ אַליִפבּאָייִ)

Bukhori alphabet (בּוּכאָריִ אַליִפבּאָייִ)

There is also a version of the Latin alphabet for Bukhori.

Bukhori Latin alphabet


Bukhori Arabic alphabet

Bukhori Arabic alphabet

Latin and Arabic alphabets for Bukhori provided by Michael Peter Füstumum


Information about the Bukhori language and people

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