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Icelandic (Íslensku)

Courses, Grammar, Dictionaries, Other Icelandic-related books


Complete Icelandic: Teach Yourself

Complete Icelandic: Teach Yourself

by Hildur Jonsottir

- a good introduction to Icelandic language. Includes everyday, realistic dialogues; plenty of vocabulary; a mini-dictionary; and excersises designed to encourage you to use the language. No previous knowledge is required.

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Colloquial Icelandic

Colloquial Icelandic - The Complete Course for Beginners

Daisy L. Neijmann

- an introduction to spoken and written Icelandic. Includes a course book containing dialogues, grammatical notes, exercises and cultural information. Cassettes or CDs with recordings of some of the dialogues and exercises are also available.

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Icelandic-English, English-Icelandic Dictionary

Icelandic-English, English-Icelandic Dictionary

by Arnold R. Taylor (Editor)

- a small, bilingual dictionary that covers about 5,000 words.

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An Icelandic-English Dictionary

An Icelandic-English Dictionary

by Richard Cleasby, Gudbrand Vigfussen and Sir William Craigie

- a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of Old Icelandic first published in 1874. Contains thousands of illustrative quotations, full descriptions of pronunciation for every letter, and a detailed outline of grammar that includes the old Icelandic alphabet, word formation, and spelling. The 52-page supplement contains a list of additional words and references from the eleventh century to the mid-fourteenth century.

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Icelandic: Grammar, Texts, Glossary

by Stefán Einarsson

- the best Icelandic grammar book around. Comprehensive and well-written.

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Other Icelandic-related books

Old Norse-Icelandic Literature: A Short Introduction

Old Norse-Icelandic Literature: A Short Introduction

by Heather O'Donoghue

- a fascinating introduction into the colourful world of Old Norse-Icelandic literature. In addition to mythology and family sagas, it also covers lesser-known areas such as oral story-telling, Eddaic verse and skaldic verse. This book describes the language and culture of the first settlers in Iceland which helps appreciate the background against which this literature was produced.

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