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Language quiz

Here is a recording in a mystery language. Can you identify the language, and do you know where it’s spoken?

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Torch carrying

The expression to carry a torch for someone came up when I was putting together this week’s mots de la semaine for the French Conversation Group. We talked about my experiences in Shetland, where lots of people were carrying flaming torches, and this got me wondering why you might say that you’re carry a torch […]

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Standard v non-standard English

According to reports on the BBC and elsewhere, a primary school in Middlesbrough has sent out a letter to parents asking them to stop their children from using certain ‘non-standard’ phrases and pronunciation. Here are some examples: – It’s nowt – it’s nothing – Gizit ere – please give me it – Yous – the […]

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Bangor Polyglots

Last night the Bangor Polyglot conversation group met for the first time. I’ve been wanting to set up a group like this for a while as a way to practice my languages and to meet other polyglots. Last month it finally started to come together: first I found a suitable place and time for it […]

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Language quiz

Here are a few words in Shetland(ic). Do you know or can you guess what they mean? 1. hobrigdi 2. gyoppm 3. penga 4. toosk 5. brunga wheedie If you don’t know, just make up some possible definitions.

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