Turka (cuuramã)

Turka is member of the Southern Gur branch of Niger-Congo language family. It is spoken by about 37,000 people in the Cascades Region in the southwest of Burkina Faso, particularly in the provinces of Comoé and Léraba, and in the provinces of Houet and Kénédougou of the Hauts-Bassins Region. There are also speakers of Turka in Ivory Coast.

Turka is also known as Turuka, Tyurama, Tchourama or Curama. Native speakers call it cuuramã. There are two main dialects: a western dialect and an eastern dialect, and there are differences within these dialacts in each village where they are spoken. Turka is written with the Latin alphabet

Turka alphabet

Turka alphabet


Long vowels are indicated by doubling (aa).

Download an alphabet chart for Turka (Excel)

Sample text

Mã́ã yo, gùú sùɔ́gɩ-i, mə̃́ ver ǹ-jãn mə̃̀ suɔ'n kusuugu, nã̀ã waa nə̃ tãnkuuraaba, wà bà-ń túù curo wo curo'n wariɛ taasə̃ənə̃əgu, bá jo nə̃-ga, suɔgɩ nã !


Me too, at this moment I went home, then, I told the children that if they take the business of anyone, that they bring them at home!


Sample video in Turka


Information about Turka

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