Mmen (Mə̂nə̀)

Mmen is a member of the Central Ring Grassfields group of Southern Bantoid languages. It is spoken by about 35,000 people in the Fungom subdivision of the Menchum Division of the North West Region of Cameroon, mainly in the village of (Mme-)Bafumen, and also in the villages of Cha', Yemgeh, Nyos and Ipalim.

Mmen is also known as Bafmen, Bafmeng, Bafoumeng, Bafumen or Mme. It is closely related to Babanki, Bum, Kom, Kuk, Kung and Oku.

A way to write Mmen with the Latin alphabet was proposed by Lena Björkestedt, a Swedish linguist, and the Mmen Language Committee in 2011. Since then it has been somewhat revised. It has been taught in schools since then, however few Mmen speakers are literate in their language.

Mmen alphabet (Əshiə Ŋwàʼlèə Mə̂nə̀)

Mmen alphabet and alphabet and pronunciation


Mme has tones, including: a high tone, marked with an acute accent (á), a mid tone, marked with a macron (ā), a low tone, marked with a grave accent (à), and a falling tone, marked with a circumflex accent (â). Not all tones are marked.

Download an Mmen alphabet chart (Excel)

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Information about Mmen | Numbers


Information about Mmen

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