Kenswei Nsei (Kənswey Nsey)

Kenswei Nsei is a member of the South Ring Grassfields group of Southern Bantoid languages. It is spoken by about 25,000 people in the village of Bamessing in the Ndop Central Sub Division of the Ngoketunjia Division in the North West Region of Cameroon.

Kenswei Nsei is also known Kenswey Nsey, Nsei, Bamessing or Mesing. It is closely related to Vengo, Wushi and Bamunka.

A way to write Kenswei Nsei with the Latin alphabet was proposed by Aaron DeVries of SIL Cameroon in the 1980s and revised in 2008. Other spelling systems are available.

Kenswei Nsei alphabet

Kenswei Nsei alphabet and alphabet and pronunciation

Download an Kenswei Nsei alphabet chart (Excel)

Sample text

Mbe nə bow mo naa kəghaa dɨə, ŋkəʼ lwa nə nchɛŋgu nə tɔʼtə, ŋkəʼ gə mæʼæ nchɛŋgu gə yey mo nə le no no. Fəkaʼ go mə haaŋ wə ko. Nchɛŋgu je laʼ lɛ wə yɛ ghɨsə chwii nchia bo no mo. Taŋ fə nchɛ haa ŋguu nə chwii nchia yɛʼkə sənə no mo. Kə nə dəʼ nə baaŋ lɛ baaŋ nə tɨ wo yaaŋ ley.


The world lacked water for a long time. The cock and the hen were taking a walk. The cock left the hen behind, went and saw water and began to drink. A stick fell on his neck and he died. The hen came and said, "You ought to look up before drinking." From that day all birds look up when drinking. It teaches us that we must look before we take a step

Source: Kenswey Nsey (Bamessing): Orthography Guide Aaron DeVries (2008).

Sample video in Kenswei Nsei


Information about Kenswei Nsei

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