Ghomalaʼ (Ghɔmáláʼ)

Ghomalaʼ is a member of the Bamileke group of the Eastern Grassfields branch of the South Bantoid language family. It is spoken by about 350,000 people in the West Region in the northwest of Cameroon, particularly in the departments of Mifi, Koung-Khi, Hauts-Plateaux, and also in the east of Menoua Department, and and in the south of Bamboutos Department.

Ghomalaʼ is also known as Ghomala, Bamileke-Ghomala', Bamileke-Banjun or Ghɔmálá’. Dialects include Central Ghomalaʼ, Northern Ghomalaʼ, Southern Ghomalaʼ and Ngemba.

It is written with the Latin alphabet, and is one of five national languages of Cameroon that is promoted in the Ministry of Education's Read at Home initiative. This initiative provides children with free books in these languages, and encourages them to read at home. The languages are also taught in schools.

Ghomalaʼ alphabet and pronunciation

Ghomalaʼ alphabet pronunciation

Download alphabet charts for Ghomalaʼ (Excel)

Sample text

Pə pə́ gɔ́m Ghɔmáláʼ bí pô pɔ́kpə̀. Pə pə́ shyá wáp Jɛ Ghɔmáláʼ guŋ mguʼ awɛ́ nə́ mŋwə̂ Dzʉ̂ʼbvʉ-Fəfə á wáp lányə́ nə́ ghɔ̀m nə́ və̀, nə́ kê tə́ gə̂ mkɔ á láʼ. Pû gə Jɛ Ghɔmáláʼ Yàwùdè, Dwǎlá, Fʉ̂ʼsàp, Jo gə́ Hɔm.



Let us speak the Ghɔmáláʼ language to our children, let us send them to the seminar to learn to read and write. Seminars are held every year in Yaoundé; Douala, Bafoussam, Bandjoun and Baham in June-July.


Sample videos

Information about Ghomalaʼ | Numbers


Information about the Ghomalaʼ languageʼ_languageʼ

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