Feʼfeʼ (Fèʼéfěʼè)

Feʼfeʼ is a member of the Bamileke group of the Eastern Grassfields branch of the South Bantoid language family. It is spoken by about 140,000 people in the Haut-Nkam (Upper Nkam) Department in the West Region in the southwest of Cameroon, particularly around the town of Bafang.

Feʼfeʼ is also known as Feʼefeʼe, Feʼfeʼ-Bamileke, Nufi or Bafang. It was first written by the French missionaries Barthelemie Tuem and Paul Gontier in the 1920s. They translated Christian texts into Feʼfeʼ, and created a grammar and vocabulary lists. The language was taught in schools and used in a newspaper.

The current Feʼfeʼ alphabet is based on l'Alphabet Général des Langues Camerounaises (AGLC) (the General Alphabet of Cameroonian Languages), which was created in 1978.

Feʼfeʼ alphabet and pronunciation

Feʼfeʼ alphabet pronunciation

Download alphabet charts for Feʼfeʼ (Excel)

Sample text

Nkwèʼnǐ mbɑ̄ ndʉ̄ɑ̄ mbɑ̀ mɑ̄vʉ̀ tīē mōō.


When there is love in the home, even the new mother weans the child early.

Source: https://issuu.com/rodriguetchamna/docs/livre-expressions_usuelles_nufi_-_presentation_des

Sample videos


Information about the Feʼfeʼ language
A phonological study of Fe'fe'-Bamileke, by L. m. Hyman (2007)

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