Bafanji (Chufie’)

Bafanji is a member of the Mbam-Nkam group of Southern Bantoid languages. It is spoken by about 17,000 people in Cameroon, particularly in Bafanji village in the Balikumbat Sub-division of the Ngo-Ketunjia Department in the Northwest Region. There are also Bafanji speakers in major towns and cities in Cameroon, and in cocoa farming parts of the South West region.

Bafanji is also known as Fanji, Bafangi, Bafanyi, Chufie’, Chuufi, Chyefie' or Nchufie.

A way to write Bafanji with the Latin alphabet was introduced in 2007 by Valerie and Cameron Hamm, who work with Wycliffe Bible Translators. It is based on the General Alphabet of Cameroonian Languages, and was updated in 2010 and 2016. There are some written materials in the language, including translations of parts of the Bible.

Bafanji alphabet and pronunciation

Bafanji alphabet and alphabet and pronunciation

Download an Bafanji alphabet chart (Excel)

Sample text

Chẅè e yooŋzu ndɨɨŋkoo mbwo ma, mɛ̀ʼ mɨnzẅi soŋʼ, nfɨ́ yooŋzu pou n:zú, nnó, o pɨgɨ nzú zo nnó?


Prepare the evening meal for me, wear good clothes, give me the food so I should eat and drink before you eat and drink your own. (Luke 17:8)

Source: A Phonological Sketch of Bafanji (Chufie’)

Sample videos in Bafanji

Information about Bafanji | Numbers


Information about Bafanji

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