Chocha Ngacha (ཁྱོད་​ཅ་​ང་​ཅ་​ཁ་​)

Chocha Ngacha is a Tibetic language spoken by about 15,000 people in the Lhuntse, Mongar, Trashi Yangtse and Trashigang districts in eastern Bhutan, particularly in the villages of Tsamang and Tsakaling.

Chocha Ngacha is also known as Chocha-ngachakha, Chochangachakha or Tsamang. There are two main dialects: Tsamangpe-kha and Tsakalingpe-kha. The name Chochangachakha means "you and us language".

There is no standard way to write Chocha Ngacha, and the language is rarely written. The alphabet shown below is one possible way to write Chocha Ngacha with the Tibetan alphabet.

Chocha Ngacha alphabet and pronunciation

Chocha Ngacha alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Chocha Ngacha (Excel)

Sample text

Sample text in Chocha Ngacha


Acho la:la toto ro:ro chö-gi phurung bangchung kale rog-e shagte rok kale me-ki tshik-te, me kale chu-ki sad-de, chu kale, lang-gi thung-te, lang kale, tak-gi sad-de, tak kale, gung-gi sad-de, gung kale, trin-gi sad-de, trin kale, sa dang nam-gi bar-le jugma kir, umla chu thung tipki pangla tsa za pratki


Elder Brother Moon, it is time for food. Where is your plate and cup? It's on the shelf. Where is the shelf? It has been burned by the fire. Where is the fire? It's been extinguished (killed) by the water. Where is the water? The ox has drunk it. Where is the ox? The tiger has killed it. Where is the tiger? The leopard has killed it. Where is the leopard? The cloud has killed it. Where is the cloud? Between the sky and the earth it disappeared. Water in the small pool has been completely drunk. All the grass in the pasture has been eaten.

Source: Himalayan Linguistics Outlines of Chocha-ngachakha

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Information about Chocha Ngacha
Himalayan Linguistics Outlines of Chocha-ngachakha

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