Jingpho (Jìngphòʔ gà / ဈိာင်ေဖါစ်)

Jingpho is a member of the Sal branch of the Tibeto-Burman language family spoken mainly in Kachin and Shan States in Myanmar/Burma. There are also Jingpho speakers in Yunnan in the southwest of China, and in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India. In 2001 940,000 people spoke Jingpho.

Jingpho is also known as Jinghpaw, Chingp'o or Kachin. The variety spoken in India is known as Singpho.

Jingpho was first written by American missionaries during the late 19th century using the Latin alphabet. Their spelling system was reformed in 1965. The Burmese script is most commonly used to write Jingpho today.

Latin alphabet for Jingpho

Latin alphabet for Jingpho

Hear the pronunciation of Jingpho letters

Burmese alphabet for Jingpho

Burmese alphabet for Jingpho


The symbol _် is used to indicate that a consonant at the end of a syllable is without a vowel.

Notes about Jingpho by Wolfram Siegel

Download alphabet charts for Jingpho in PDF or Excel format.

Information about Jingpho scripts provided by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

Dai rai nna, nanhte go ning ngu akyu hpyi mu, Sumsing lamu na anhte a Wa e, Na a amying nsang chyoi pra nga lit ga; Na a mungdan du wa ruga; Lamu tang hta, na a myit dik nga ai hte maren, ga ntsa e mung, dik lit ga lo; Anhte hta ra ai lusha, dai ni anhte hpe jo mi; Masha ni anhte hpe shut ai mara, anhte ro kau ya ai zon, anhte a mara hpe mung ro kau ya mi; Agung alau nga ai de, anhte hpe n sa shangun ai sha, N kaja ai lam hta na, sho la mi lo.

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Information about Jingpho

Tibeto-Burman languages

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Languages written with the Myanmar / Burmese script

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