Here are some presentations I have given at language-related events such as the Polyglot Gathering and the Polyglot Conference, with videos and my PowerPoint slides.

Celtic Connections

A presentation I gave at the 2019 Language Event in Edinburgh, Scotland in which I look at words that are cognate in all or some of the Celtic languages, and show how they have changed over time, and how their meanings vary from language to language.

PowerPoint for this presentation

Diversity of Writing Systems

A presentation I gave at the 2018 Polyglot Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia in which I focus on lesser-known writing systems, and explore the various way they are structured and used. I also look at some interesting scripts that have been constructed for books, films, games, or just for fun.

PowerPoint for this presentation

Introduction to Manx

This is a workshop I ran at the 2018 Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava. There doesn't appear to be a video of it, unfortunately.

PowerPoint for this presentation

Deconstructing Language

A presentation I gave at the 2018 Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava, Slovakia in which I discuss what words are, where they come from, how and why they change. I also look a bit at how grammar might develop.

PowerPoint for this presentation

Origins of Language

This is presentation I gave at the 2016 North American Polyglot Symposium (NAPS) in Montreal, Canada that focuses on some of the theories about the origins of language. This talk was recorded, but the video is no longer available. NAPs was renamed LangFest in 2017, and you can see videos from it on YouTube.

PowerPoint for this presentation

A History of Writing

A presentation I gave at the 2015 Polyglot Gathering in Berlin, Germany in which I explain the principles involved in representing language in written form, the types and structure of writing systems, and how they havedeveloped and changed over time.

PowerPoint for this presentation

Language Decline and Revival

A presentation I gave at the 2014 Polyglot Gathering in Berlin, Germany in which I discuss reasons why languages decline and die, and how some of them have been revived. I also highlight common themes in language decline and revival and see if they might be relevant to language learning.

PowerPoint for this presentation


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